Big XII Conference Preview – In The Land of Consistency and Cowboys

The Big XII Conference (12 for those unfamiliar with roman numerals) was one of those conferences growing up that the nation was constantly excited for. The days of Mack Strong and Texas, Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, Tom Osborne and Nebraska. Dynasties left and right. That air of national dominance has continued for much of the last decade as the conference has had at least two teams in the top-10 finishers in the last three of the four years, including two CFP appearances by Oklahoma.

Let’s take a look at how the Big 12 will stack up in 2018.

Team to Watch – West Virginia

Do you like watching teams put up 50+ points? Do you like Heisman candidates who look like a zillion bucks!? If those two questions, tickle your fancy, then keep an eye on the boys down in the hollar. Don’t be surprised if these guys are sniffing at a Big 12 championship spot when this is all said and done.

Game to Watch – Oklahoma at West Virginia (November 23)

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

A lot of people will say the “Red River Rivalry” will be the game to watch in the Big 12 this season, but I just feel that there is going to be to much left to be said in the season after that one. When Boomer Sooner heads into Morgantown, there could be a potential spot in the championship game on the line as I’m expecting this one to come down to the wire.

Potential Contenders

Expect this conference to be hotly contested throughout the entire 2018 campaign. TCU, Texas and WVU will all be in the mix as the season wears on. Don’t be surprised if Baylor or Oklahoma State have a say in the matter when the dust settles. I vote that the tiebreaker in this conference should be decided by the margin of victory over Kansas, but something tells me that there may definitely be detractors to that idea.

Conference Winner: Oklahoma

Stop me if you’ve heard this before but this is Oklahoma’s conference to lose. I just think that there is too much disparity between the Sooners and the next closest team in this conference. Sure they lost the best QB in their programs history. But this team has been built for next man up. I seriously hope someone proves me wrong, but this has the potential to be over before the season even starts. I can guarantee one thing for sure though, Kansas doesn’t win a game. At all.

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