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Mike Wright, John Mizis, and Joe Gallagher are three friends, and sports fanatics, who have a never-ending text conversation going on about sports.  Every day, they message one another about breaking sports news, big trades, big stories within the Philadelphia market as well as national news.  And then, debates would happen.  Some serious, some comical, some outlandish.  They have realized that the most exciting, funniest, opinionated discussions come from these conversations.  This encouraged the idea for ‘Nobody Sports’ – a place where “nobody” sports fans like us could broadcast their sports opinions, in an entirely biased manner.  Yes, folks, you read that right.  Discuss trade scenarios (rational or irrational), propose new ways to view sporting events (e.g. couches on the sidelines – well done Jacksonville!), and talk about players – past, present, and future.  The media, the analysts, the reporters… they all have their say.  It’s time for us fans to express our opinions.  #TeamNobody

#TEAMNOBODY Team Captains:

Mike Wright (@MWright1313) – Philadelphia & National Sports

I would like to introduce myself and give you a background on me. My name is Mike Wright and I’m 29 years old. I was born in the Langhorne, PA area I moved to the Warminster/Doylestown area in elementary school and went to Central Bucks East High school. I then went off to West Virginia University. After being there for a year, I transferred to Edinboro, which is in Erie, PA. I now currently live in Phoenixville, PA. I was born and raised a sports fan and sports are pretty much all my friends and I talk about. I’m a four for four Philly guy (Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, Phillies). We, as fans, are just trying to give an opinion on matters of Philly sports and national sports. We are nobodies, hence the name of the site.  And we want the opportunity to share our thoughts and discussions with the rest of the you all!

John Mizis (@ghostofphilly) – Philadelphia & National Sports

Hello everyone!! This is John a life long Philly fan! As I like to say Philly sports or nothing! Born and raise in suburban areas of Philly. Grew up cheering for our teams the Flyers, Sixers, Philly, Eagles, and we welcomed the Union in that group. I grew up near Villanova University and St. Joes University so they will always hold a special place in my heart. Other than just my Philly teams I follow other team as well around the world. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I cheer on my Liverpool squad every Sunday during Soccer season. My family is from Greece, Panathinaikos will always be in my blood but due to corruption its not worth watching. Not just a Philly fan but a sports fan. Looking forward to talk about all types of different sport related events with our fans! For more Flyers talk follow me @ghostofphilly

Joe Gallagher (@JoeGal24) – Philadelphia, Wisconsin & National Sports

Hello all!  My name is Joe and I am originally from Warminster, PA.  I moved to Bristol, RI for undergrad, back to Philadelphia for grad school, dabbled in West Chester, PA for a few years and now reside in Madison, WI (da fuq???).  Yes, sconnie-land!  We followed my wife’s parents out to Madison after a job relocation and have slowly settled down in the sea of badger red and packer green/yellow.  HOWEVER, I am a Philly guy at heart and always will be.  Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, T for Temple U, Union all day.  As for Hockey, I am a Carolina Hurricanes fan (long story surrounding Brind’amour being traded, and Bobby Clarke breaking apart the team I grew to love – Lindros, LeClair, Recchi, Renberg, Brindi, etc….).  Ronnie Franchise and Brind’amour are my two favorite hockey players, hence my transition to the Canes.  As Mike mentioned, we wanted a platform to share our opinions and thoughts on national sports (with some inherent Philly bias…and slowly some Badger bias…yes, they’ve won me over with their beer and cheese curds out here) and also engage in conversations where anything and everything goes.  Have a crazy trade proposal?  Organizational move?  What to debate terrible calls?  Send them our way!!

Shawn Updike (@SunnysideUpdike) – Wisconsin & National Sports

Oh hey there! First off, yes, that is my last name. Secondly, yes I’ve embraced it. I’m really good at Tinder. I’ve escaped an Escape Room. I can recite most of the movie the Lion King. I’m now being told I must talk about stuff that can be related to NobodySports. Okay, then, well, let’s see. Born and bred Wisconsinite. Wisconsinian? Wisconstituent? Found my way down to Orlando, Florida for a bit to work for a certain Entertainment/Tourism Conglomerate. Eventually after realizing that I didn’t want to get eaten by an alligator, and also realizing that having to actively search out a Packers, Badgers, Bucks or Brewers game was too much work, I came back to the land of Pabst Blue Ribbons and Deep-Fried Milkfat. As a youth, I dabbled in the fandoms of the Cowboys and Mariners. As my parents have said about most things I’ve been interested in, it was just a fad. I eventually found my way back to the roots of the Badgers, Packers, Bucks and Brewers. I’m the one bringing some of that Midwestern Charm to NobodySports. Chances are, I’ll sprinkle in some fun pop culture references too. Come along. It’ll be a fun ride.


#TEAMNOBODY Starting Lineup:


Johnny Knast (@MrKnasty128) – Philadelphia & National Sports

Hey there everyone what’s going on? My name is John but my friends and family call me Johnny. Born and raised in South Jersey my whole life naturally made me a Philadelphia sports fan but my knowledge doesn’t stop there. When I was the age of 6 my Uncle would always question me every Sunday afternoon about every driver in the NASCAR circuit hence my sports knowledge grew from there. I’ve always been told my father was the same way as a kid when it came to sports. We all know Philadelphia sports fans can be brutal or harsh towards other fans and I tend to embrace it, be at an Eagles game, Phillies game or even a Flyers game. If I am sitting next to guy rooting for the other team I will sit there and spit the shit with him. I just love talking sports. Many times, people have asked me how to do I know what I do and its simple: I do research. I could spend countless hours reading about every single sport, team, position, you name it I will find it. I hope to present my knowledge to everyone who takes time to read my articles. But as the others have stated, I am a nobody…but I am somebody who loves sports. Have a great day and happy reading!!