Stand, Kneel, Don’t Come Out, We Voted, Didn’t Vote – WTF is going on NFL?!?!


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-Joe Gallagher

Well, well, well – as the NFL continues to allow political influence to establish new rules in the league (or I guess technically a revision of an old rule that was also initially established due to political pressures in 2009, although there is so much finger pointing I can’t figure out which sources are credible…) we find ourselves at yet another NON-FOOTBALL related discussion engulfing the league.  Once again, the discussion of whether players should be required to stand for the national anthem, has taken the nation by storm…

Now, those of you who know me, read my posts, acknowledge my presence (thank you to all), are fully aware that I was and still am beyond supportive of every player who has ever wanted to kneel during the national anthem.  The national anthem is supposed to represent our ‘free’ nation – and therefore in your freedom, you should be allowed to do as you will – which includes kneeling during the anthem.  Obviously, the physical act of kneeling does not pause any credible threats to society (that I am aware of) and therefore it should be allowed in all settings.

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Those who have knelt (including Kaepernick, the NFL Martyr himself) have brought overwhelming additional attention to the racial indifferences in this country, that are still present today.  The constant topic of kneeling during the anthem has spawned new conversations about how we as a nation should work together to fix these almost irreparable indifferences that we have allowed to continue over decades and decades, generations to generations.  And as soon as something positive occurs – conversations, changes, actions – we allow ourselves to fall backwards once again based on the decision of 32 individuals, operating the 32 most important sports franchises in the nation’s most followed entertainment outlet – the National Football League.  (edit – apparently a vote never took place…so I can’t really tell you who would and would not have voted for or against this topic, but I will continue anyways because I can since this is a free country – per the anthem).

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I think it is great how much attention Kaepernick has brought to the situation.  While it is not only absolute bull**** that he is still an unsigned free agent, while the likes of Tom Savage, Brett Hundley, TJ Yates, Bryce Petty, Trevor Siemian, CJ Beathard all took snaps as a starter last year, I find it even MORE unfathomable that the league is now violating a US LAW which reads “it is unlawful for government officials to influence a private entity’s employment decisions” – thank you Mr Geragos, AKA, Kaepernick’s lawyer, for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

While we continue to march down this completely unnecessary path to the NFL’s destruction over its players’ desire to use their platform to bring much needed additional awareness to an issue that plagues every day society, I decided I would suggest some more rules that the NFL should suggest:

  • No longer sell alcohol, food, or any concessions (including fan gear) during the national anthem – because that is just irresponsible to not pay attention to our national anthem.
  • Hand out the lyrics to the national anthem to every fan, EACH and EVERY home game – if you do not participate, you are banned from future games (see Trump at Alabama game last season…).
  • The NFL should require each team to play the national anthem for every player on both teams who is a citizen of a country other than the United States as well – cmon now show some respect!
  • All players and personnel who do not come out on the field for the national anthem should just stay in the locker room for the entire game as well – I mean fuck it, screw the fans who came to see their favorite players play or maybe see a good football game; the game isn’t important, only the star-spangled banner is.
  • Last, but not least, let’s sing the ENTIRE national anthem!! You know, the portion following the freedom part that talks about hireling’s and slaves, that no refuge could save… yeah, that part.

Wow, I’m starting to sound as dumb as this new rule itself…. hmmm… might be on to something…


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